Ultimate Shipping Rules

Compatible With
Version2.4.x + CE / EE/ Cloud

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30 Days

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system9's Ultimate Shipping Rules will help you update shipping methods rates or hide based on product / cart mixed conditions.

You can create any number of shipping rules in admin panel. Each rule will have Name, conditions and action column. If you want to add discount or surcharge on shipping rates based on some conditions like cart total or some products level.

You can also hide some shipping methods if the rule matches with products or cart level.  Shipping rules can be changed based on cart total, customer group, product min and max weight range, product min and max price range etc.

You will be able to define custom rules based on product attributes with dynamic conditions to match shipping cart and apply rules. Check screenshots for detailed information.

Admin can enable and disable module from admin. 
Admin can enable or disable conditions from product level too.
Admin will have option to enter all settings to define sales rules from admin.
Admin will have control to manage multiple shipping actions like replace, discount, surcharge and hide methods.
Admin can define shipping rules on product weight, price, customer group and cart totals etc.
Admin can define dynamic rules based on product / cart attributes.

You have to pay only once for this plugin.

To use this extension, you have to enable this plugin and configured all settings. After you to configure shipping rules.

Go to Admin  -> Stores -> Configurations -> system9 Extensions -> Shipping rules.

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