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Shipping Matrix Ground / LTL Shipping Manager is unlike any other Magento extension on the market. No other extension gives you as much specialized control over every single item that you ship.

To be clear, the Ultimate Shipping Manager is designed to meet the needs of any merchant shipping any type of product--whether it be bulky or heavy items that must be shipped LTL, smaller items shipped ground via UPS or USPS, "free shipping" or flat rate items, or any combination thereof.

The rate calculation process is similar in the case of smaller items that will ship UPS or USPS. Depending on how the Merchant configures the extension, the Ultimate LTL Shipping Manager will connect with the UPS shipping API, the USPS shipping API, or both. Rates and options available from each provider will be displayed to the customer.

If a customer adds a combination of LTL and ground items to their cart, the extension will fetch rates from all carriers which are activated, and will show the most favorable combined rates. Each rate will be based on any individual product's assigned shipping method, origin and route. For example, one product may ship LTL from a regional Distribution facility direct to the Customer. Another product might ship from the Merchant's own local warehouse to the Customer via ground shipping. In each case, the extension will optimize and combine shipping methodologies in the most efficient way. Multiple origin addresses can also be assigned to individual products if needed.

The Shipping Matrix Manager allows for even more finely customized and individualized rates for each customer. For example, customers can choose from a variety of destination types (Residential, Commercial, Freight Terminal, etc) as well as if they will need a Lift Gate for LTL shipments. In the case of customers placing orders on holidays or weekends, the extension will automatically check for rates on the next available business day.

Enable disable module from admin configuration.
Merchant can use any Shipping method available for any product. Based on selected shipping method, rates will calculate and display. Final rates will be combined for more than one item.
Merchant can define Shipping Class and NMFC at the product level.
Default Shipping Class can be defined and used if missing at product level.
Product level dimensions, extra weight, surcharge, shipping cost markup and more can be defined by the Merchant
Merchant can choose to enable Address Type and Lift Gate option at cart and checkout page, allowing customers to choose these options per their own requirements. Merchant can also define default values which will apply to all customers in the event these options are not needed.
Merchant can enable "Get Shipping Quote" button on the product page. When clicked, this button will open a small popup window. Customers will then need to enter the destination Country, Zip Code and Delivery Type to get rates.
Customers can check tracking details for shipment.
A one-time only payment is required to purchase this extension.

If you encounter any issues, please contact us at [email protected].

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