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Version2.4.x + CE / EE/ Cloud

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system9's Google Address Autocomplete module will autofill your customer's address in the following sections of your Magento / Adobe Commerce website:

Frontend Checkout Page
Customer Account Address Form
The module will use Google Maps API to fetch any suggested address(es). 

Enable and disable the module from Admin.
Enable the module for Checkout Page only, Customer Account Address Form only, or both.
Address will autocomplete using Google Maps API. Select from suggested address and the remaining address fields will fill automatically.
Account & Pricing: 
system9 provides this module 100% Free. Installation service is also available for a nominal fee.

Google API access is required for the module to function. If you do not already have a Google Maps API account, you'll need to sign up for one and get an API Key Google will charge you based on the number of your API calls. See the Google Maps pricing page for more details.

To use this extension, merchants must have a Google Maps API account and obtain a Maps API key from the Google developer console

After you setup your Google API Key, login to your Magento Admin and add it to the module configuration -> Stores -> Configurations -> system9 Extensions -> Google Key.

See screenshots for more details.

Please contact us at [email protected] with any questions or if you need any customizations.

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